Communitify Admin Dashboard

The dashboard was made for non-technical users. Hence there was special emphasis on User Interface and User Experience.The backend was made using node.js and frontend using AngularJS

Why to worries always for writing too many letters concurrently for an event when there is way to get it done in a single go.

Bong Invite & Discover is a simple Android and iOS application which consist of three steps:Organize, Select, and Invite for any event.

The customer is an event organizing company that deals in total event management solution. They require an app which can accelerate and promote different types and varieties of events.

The challenge
The challenge was to create a handy app for event organizer and attendees. To provide easier way to discover social invitation by attendees. The customer also wanted that the user must get entire information and update with each and every happening of the event & limit the communication gap between the attendees and organizer.

The Solution
We developed an event management application that proved to be handy and valuable for organizer and planner. The application not only reduces the communication gap between the participating parties of the event also helped to create new personal or public plan in an organized way. User can select attendees from contact list, add as much as want on the go. After filling full information and details and adding attendees, just one click on send button for invitation.

User can use map functionality of this application to know the exact location of the event. Organizer can use attractive cover image for personalized invitations via sending SMS invite for free, share info on date, time and location. To remove communication gap between both parties we inbuilt whatsapp style conversation by single tick and double tick updates. With the help of RSVP feature application let you know which friends are coming to the event.

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