Communitify Landing Page

A leading provider of meaningful connection for Business development & Event management with much more services for B2B require a both web and mobile solution to track meetings, Exchange business cards, connect with them in single platform across social network and much more with a comprehensive technology implementation thereby to enable them as a pioneer in B2B service.

Communitify has launched its first service, it’s beta version in June 2016 and has accumulated a lot of interest from users and partners alike.

The Challenge

The customer wanted access to keep track of meetings, engage with people and nurture their network, discover new opportunity, to get notified and collaborate their data with deep analysis when and how people are engaging. Apart from developing user-friendly portal and app, there was a strong need for better control over content management and depth analysis of data.

The Project

The Communitify app developed for the customer brought a system to create an effective network of professionals to build their own community into the hands of clients. With this Communitify app, the customer can connect, interact and exchange their business card to track individual’s meetings with proximity alert service for a quick catch up if business contact is around. Unlike the traditional way of showing business card or connecting through various social networking sites which leads to the less effective result. This mobile app also allows to organize the event for a professional relationship and manage it effectively. This feature also builds virtual community by letting members networks beyond their events and enabling members to interact with group chat and sending a targeted notification. Through professional software developer, this app is inbuilt with a special feature to access data analysis and get in-depth how Community is working even outside the conference: when, where and how often. This app lets you present your brand powerfully, emphasize on context when you meet someone, by sharing contact and meeting history; and let you discover their contact currently present in their vicinity.

Special features are as under:

  • Recording and Tracking of meetings to update user continuously as per current market scenario.
  • Get located through special feature i.e. curated label (for eg: “Co-Founder/Investor/etc.”)
  • Indulge yourself in various professional community via curated groups.
  • Worked according to your mood: Visibility option,and
  • Interactive additional feature in future updates.


The mobile app development team at Creapptic has developed apps for Communitify on various platforms like Android, iOS and other popular platforms.

  • Entire user Interface is designed in the simplest sense keeping in mind key interactions and end-user journeys.
  • Designed the visual hierarchy to ensure that users focus on the key elements thereby the complexity.
  • Ensured that the third-party data is synced well and on a continuous basis.
  • Notification to users on periodic basis.
  • Ensured all the vulnerabilities, as well as key security protocols, are taken into account while developing the portals and application.

Through special web designing team of Creapptic, the website of Communitify is developed and maintained on regular basis.