WordStock : Vocabulary Builder

WordStock is a home screen widget, which helps in improving user’s vocabulary.
It displays certain number of random words repeatedly. Their meaning can be seen by tapping on them. Once the user feels that she has learnt that word, she can mark it as learnt. A new word will come up at that place.
The learnt words can be viewed later from the menu. The meanings of the word can be searched on web as well. User can also choose to practice purely random words or only those words which start with specified letters.


  • Contains over 4000 words with example sentences
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Displays lexical categories: Noun / Verb / Adjective
  • Uses Text-To-Speech to speak words for pronunciation
  • Those words which are marked as ‘learnt’ can be viewed any time for revision
  • Words can be automatically changed by the widget for different intervals
  • Specific letters can be chosen, if user wishes to practice words starting with particular letters
  • Dedicated buttons for Google search and web dictionary for the meaning of the word
  • Size of the set of repeating words can be varied, depending on whether user wishes to practice small set of words or a larger set.
  • Clean and simple User Interface
  • NO ADS!!