WordStock: Vocabulary Builder

Word stock: Vocab builder provided a solution for improving user’s vocabulary to boost user’s preparation for various elite examinations. This Application comprises of every aspect related to Vocabulary along with its grammar and the best part, it relies on quality assurance and continuous knowledge to deliver the best class for Vocab building.

The challenge
Customer requested an e-learning application that would allow reader across the country to learn vocabulary. Our expertdevelopers manage the database containing the vocabularies from the various sources. The platform was supposed to offer a wide range exposure of new vocab with respect to various elite examination like GRE, GMAT preparation. As this application is truly dedicated to the preparation of examination so client wants NO ADS feature.

Our developertailored an application according to the custom and comprehensive needs of client. Major focus is to make the app quite handy as like coaching center practice giving cards for remembering the words. So here user could mark the word that he/she learned and new word will come at that place. Finding word meaning is to easy by tapping only. Our team created a custom template with visual styles widget on home screen and list of learned words which can be accessed anytime.

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